4 Jul 2012

#irelibchat July 19th 7:30-8:30pm - Performance measurement in LIS

Thanks again to everyone who took part is the first #irelibchat last month. It's a shiny new month, which means it is time to do it all over again!

The next #irelibchat will take place on Thursday July 19th (Third Thursday of the month!) at 7:30-8:30pm. Again feel free to join in later or to catch up after the event through our tweet archive, or just search for the #irelibchat hashtag. The topic for this month's chat is the runner up in last month's poll: Performance measurement and assessment.

Tweet us @libfocus or leave a comment with any suggestions for questions or topics in advance and we will gladly add them to the provisional agenda below:

Performance measurement and assessment in LIS - #irelibchat agenda

1. What is the appropriate balance between using evidence/data and instinct/judgment in decision-making? Do we need to adopt a greater or lesser focus on evidence-based library and information practice?

2. What do you currently measure to assess performance and service delivery (usage stats, borrowing totals, bibliometric trends etc.)? Have you developed key performance indicators?

3. What methods and tools do you use for data collection: user satisfaction surveys e.g. LIBQUAL, objective outcome-based measures, cost-benefit analysis, reference management products e.g. questionpoint etc.?

4. How do you use the data you collect: annual reports, advocacy, strategic planning etc.?

5. What do you believe we 'should' be measuring, but currently aren't? Why?


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