20 Jul 2012

#irelibchat update

Unfortunately July’s #irelibchat was a little quiet, so we are taking a break until September when hopefully everyone will have returned from holidays. Based on feedback from those who were unable to make it (thanks to everyone who took the time to get in touch), we will also probably change the day to Wednesdays (Tuesday is already taken by our #uklibchat friends, do check it out if you have not done so already). For the next session we might also break with the #uklibchat format and go sans-agenda and see what happens!
Thanks again to those who joined in with yesterday's small-but-perfectly-formed #irelibchat. The discussion did prompt our topic for September’s chat, as suggested by @johnmac38: information skills training (a professional dead end for librarianship? - his words, not mine! ;))

Thanks to everyone for all the support, RTs and promotion, and hopefully we can resuscitate #irelibchat with the back-to-school enthusiasm of Autumn.


  1. Anonymous24 July, 2012

    A professional dead end for librarianship! My head is exploding! ;) Alan

  2. I know - I did also suggest 'Cataloguing - a professional dead end for librarianship' also though :)