How to submit a blog post

We’d love to hear from library and information professionals, whether you’re starting out in your career or a well-established member of the community.

We’re interested in blogs relating to any aspect of the information and library profession. Blogs between 500-1000 words work best; check that your spelling and grammar are accurate and cite and reference any sources you use.

Please include at least one copyright-compliant image with your submission. Provide a caption for each image as well as picture credit (i.e. Picture credit: Marie Smith, 2020). Provide a line or two of descriptive text that we will use to create alt text for the image.

Libfocus will promote the post on our social media platforms - please provide your X and LinkedIn credentials if you'd like to be tagged in these posts.

Once you’re happy with your blog post, email it to us at libfocusblog[at]gmail[dot]com.

Here are some blog post ideas to get you started:
  • Recent library projects, initiatives, events, and exhibitions you were involved in
  • Library-related research and applied projects (research as practice) you conducted 
  • A condensed version of a conference paper you presented/submitted
  • Summaries of library talks/conferences/events you’ve attended
  • A review of a library or information-related book or journal article 
  • A discussion of current trends in the library field
  • Reflections on a new library role
  • Insights into working in a specialist library or niche information-related area
  • An article relating to professional development or continuous learning
  • Useful tips from a course or training session you attended


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