23 May 2012

23 Things for Professional Development

If there is one thing you should do for your professional development it is signing up for 23 Things for Professional Development!

23 things for CPD logo

This is a free easy-to-follow online course organised by professional librarians who will show you 23 tools ranging from how to set up a blog (!) to becoming a reflective practitioner. It runs for 23 weeks from 7th May to 8th October. You can sign up quickly - and you're ready to go!

I followed the course last year and really learned a lot. It's a convenient way of experimenting with new ideas. If you missed a week you can always go back to it. You don't need to be a techie either. If you have never used a resource before, e.g. Twitter, you can follow the step-by-step instructions. Further reading is encouraged, and the page gives additional links for each module.

The course offers great advice: "Considering your own brand" (thing 3), for example, is something that I haven't done so far. Dodgy photographs, go away!

The people behind this excellent resource have recently been rewarded for their efforts by becoming runner-up for the The Credo Reference Digital Award for Information Literacy, presented at LILAC 2012.

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