23 May 2012

Google Search Education

The importance of information literacy in the digital age is well known and now Google have officially recognised this. They have just launched Google Search Education. This site contains detailed lesson plans for educators to help their students become more proficient searchers. Detailed lesson plans are available by level and subject. Subjects include:

  1. Picking the Right Search Terms
  2. Understanding Search Results
  3. Narrowing a Search to Get the Best Results
  4. Searching for Evidence for Research Tasks
  5. Evaluating Credibility of Sources
As can be seen from the list of subjects, there is a hefty bias towards search strategy rather than evaluating the information found.

Google has hired search educators and librarians to create these lesson plans and this would make an excellent resource for librarians, particularly those working in a school. The following promotional video shows how librarians and search educators can move students from an overwhelming amount of data to a much more targeted search:


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