15 Jun 2014

Maximising the impact of your library service - MAXIM e-learning course

I think this is a really interesting and innovative training opportunity being organised by the LAI (and possibly the first time this kind of format has been offered here in Ireland?). Details below are courtesy of Eva Hornung, Chair of the LAI A&SL Committee  The programme is open to everyone (not just LAI members), and A&SL and HSLG members can also apply for a number of part-bursaries.

The joint committees of HSLG and A&SL are delighted to confirm that the “MAXIM” Course, postponed earlier this year, will now take place at the end of June. Just a reminder on what it is: Folio “MAXIM” (maximising the impact of your service) is an e-learning course, managed and certified by the University of Sheffield. We are awaiting confirmation of accreditation from the LAI.

The University of Sheffield have years of experience in online learning, and we are very fortunate that they are working with us on this highly relevant interactive course. Attached is an outline of the course schedule. Please note that the course features some papers of specifically Irish interest.

Start date: 30th June 2014

Course break: 28th July – 1st August

Course finishes: 12th September (including one week at the
end to prepare and submit your work portfolio).

Cost: €245 per person
HSLG are offering part-bursaries of €145 to members who wish to participate. If you’re in receipt of a bursary but cannot complete the course for unforeseen circumstances, please advise the Committee – otherwise you may have to refund the bursary.

The AS&L is offering part-bursaries of €145 to ten A&SL members on a first come, first served basis. We will reimburse you on successful completion of the course only. Please register with Eva at hornunge@tcd.ie if you are interested in one of the bursaries.

We are aware that the timing coincides with summer holidays, but there are two weeks built into the programme – in the middle and at the end – to allow you time to catch up. It will hopefully be a quieter time work wise for most people.

HSLG members: please register your interest by emailing the undersigned by 18th June 2014 (lunchtime), specifying whether you will require a bursary.


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