13 Jun 2014

ANTLC Seminar - Phil Bradley: Using Multimedia Resources Report

Guest Post by Teresa O Driscoll Senior Library Assistant,  Arts & Humanities, Boole Library, UCC.
Another ANTLC seminar was held on Friday 11.04.2014 in the Library Training Room 1, DIT Aungier St. Dublin 2. The Course title was Using Multimedia Tools and the presenter was Phil Bradley.
Phil Bradley is an information and internet consultant, a webpage writer and designer and has authored several books. He also runs courses on various aspects of the internet.

The programme included tips and guidelines on graphics, screen-casting, presentation software, podcasts, and many other tools, all of which are free online.

The workshop started at 09.30 and attendees were taken on a roller coaster ride through the free online tools that can be used to enhance presentations, manipulate photos, create tag clouds, make personalised calendars, and develop pod casts and so on.

Prior knowledge of the subject was “not required or expected”. It was a day of discovery and by 16.00, we felt a bit overwhelmed by the vast amount of information we had absorbed.  Phil’s enthusiasm for his subject was evident from the start and didn’t flag much even towards the end of an action-packed day. 

Phil began by introducing us to Pearltrees  an organisational tool that allows users to curate and share URLs.  

It is a powerful tool for gathering all your information on one site and allows “graceful” movement from one topic to the next. All of his relevant links and webpages are stored here and throughout the day we hopped, “gracefully” from branch to branch of the Phil Bradley Pearltree as we explored resources.
We had some fun with BigHugeLabs where you can be creative with photos by making Jigsaws, CD covers, Calendars, Posters, and Badges etc. It works with Flickr images or images stored on your computer.

Library staff might be interested in making a customised Calendar featuring photos of the library.    However, this site is perhaps of more use to the Public or School library and definitely a good one for personal use.

We were shown some photographic manipulation software such as Aviary and PicMonkey This lets you resize, sharpen, crop and add colour to and photo and if you want to add captions then Wigflip is an easy tool to use. 
Here’s a photo I took of a bike shop in Cork, enhanced using Picmonkey and caption added using Wigflip




I never realised it was so easy to create word clouds but it is. Turn your words, text, news articles, slogans etc.  into a visual word cloud in a shape of your choosing. Each word is individually sized to highlight the frequency of occurrence within the body of the text.

There are a lot available but the two most highly regarded, according to Phil, are Wordle  and  Tagzedo

The word cloud here was created using Tagxedo. I simply copied and pasted a URL from our library website and picked a shape to suit.

We explored lots of other resources on the day, screen-casting, presentation, Sticky note and podcast software but that’s for another blog.

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  1. Great post Teresa and good to reflect again on the huge variety of free resources that Phil shared with us on that particular day. I’ve used Animoto (http://animoto.com/) which Phil also recommended and was very impressed with it. I wonder what other free web tools are being used by Libraries to promote their services and facilities.