9 Apr 2013

#irelibchat 23rd April 8pm: The 21st Century Librarian: Skills, competencies and attributes

"Modern librarians need to be comfortable and conversant with technology, be willing and able to speak in public, and possess people skills and a commitment to lifelong learning, as the profession and the expertise necessary for success are constantly changing"

Do you have strong communication, I.T., technical, marketing and organisational skills?
Are you flexible, innovative, passionate and committed?
Can you think on your feet, troubleshoot, collaborate, negotiate and network effectively, and plan strategically as well as operationally?
Management skills are sometimes neglected when we talk about librarianship but staff management, financial management, leadership and project management skills are essential in many roles today, particularly as your career develops.
  • What skills and attributes - if any - do you think are essential in LIS today?
  • Which are over-emphasised? Which are under-rated?
  • Does it depend on the type of library / role you are working in?
  • What exactly is it, that makes a good LIS professional, good?
  • Does the concept of The Librarian even exist?

Join in the next #irelibchat on Twitter on Tuesday April 23rd at 8pm (two weeks from today!) and share your ideas and experiences.


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