6 Jan 2013

#irelibchat: Marketing & Promotion - Tues Jan 15th 8-9pm

#irelibchat returns after a Christmas break on Tuesday 15th January at 8pm with the topic of Marketing & Promotion in LIS. This is an aspect of library and information services that is growing in importance all the time, as we seek to retain the loyalty of our existing users and to attract new ones. However, it involves more than just putting up a few posters and starting a library Facebook page (do our users even want to see us on Facebook?) Some suggested questions for discussion are below, but feel free to share any of your  ideas or success stories regarding how you showcase your services and skills.

What channels & methods do you typically use to promote your services?
What elements are important in effective marketing & promotion? (e.g. consistency, timeliness, design, originality, integration?)
Do you have a clear brand, USP or tagline that you actively sell to your users?
Do you think that social media and tools (e.g. Twitter!) will continue to be a key marketing channel for Irish libraries? If so, what can we do to exploit this?
How can we market and promote our services more effectively to non-users?

To join in, simply search for the #irelibchat tag on Twitter and remember to tag your own tweets as well so that others can find them.


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