9 Jun 2012

Third Thursday #irelibchat?

Update: Vote for the topic you would like to discuss at the first #irelibchat in the poll on the right sidebar of the blog

Inspired by the excellent #uklibchat (@uklibchat, http://uklibchat.wordpress.com/) and the growing number of Irish library tweeters, it might be time to try a #irelibchat?

#uklibchat is a fortnightly discussion group that takes place on Twitter. A broad topic and agenda is decided on by participants in advance to help structure and steer the discussion, and users can join in with the discussion by simply adding the relevant hashtag to their tweets. @libfocus would be happy to chair a pilot #irelibchat if anyone else would be interested? @acarbery, @LauraRooneyF, @usernameerror and @mbreen2 are already on board, and if anyone would like to suggest a topic to start things off, just post a comment! For inspiration you can try browsing through #uklibchat's previous topics, or a few ideas could be:

Continuing professional development?
Doing more with less?
Performance measurement in libraries?
Evidence-based librarianship?
or... ?

The first #irelibchat will take place on June 21st (the third Thursday of the month!) at 7pm-8pm. BYOB :)


  1. Actually Mish, there may be a bit of a problem with the 21st - it's the LAI A&SL AGM (sorry TLA overdose there), so some of us might be otherwise engaged. I suppose we could try and multi-task though.

  2. David - Thanks a lot for this - my excuse for not realising is being located offshore ;) Hmmm what to do....

  3. OK David:
    The bad news is it's still on the 21st - sorry :(
    The good news is we'll be archiving tweets and I'll let you photocopy my notes (I have very pretty handwriting :))

  4. That's fine. I think I'd only lower the tone anyway. Will be looking for the #irelibchat afterwards. How can you have pretty handwriting with your paws though? ;-)

  5. So it seems our immaculate event management skills have ensured #irelibchat also clashes with a twitter crash - we'll reschedule if it continues!