9 Mar 2012

LIS career development group RSS portal

http://www.netvibes.com/lisireland is a new Netvibes RSS portal which has been compiled by Giada Gelli from the LIS Career Development Ireland group. LisIreland includes feeds from Irish public, academic & special libraries, general library blogs & journals, and specialist resources for cataloguing, information literacy, health sciences and law.

The portal is still a work in progress and more feeds from LIS blogs, journals and news sources will be added over time based on input from members. Thanks to Giada for the hard work involved in putting together this very useful resource.


  1. Very impressive. Hats off to Giada! Nice to see the DBS library blog includedon the Academic page too!

  2. Nicely done! I'll circulate the link to the CMG google group if that's okay.

  3. Sure you don't think I have forgotten DBS already David! :)
    Great idea John, thanks.

    I have passed on your feedback to Giada, and if anyone has any other feeds they would recommend they can be posted here and I will pass them on.

  4. Hi guys, thanks for all the good comments!
    Of course it would be great if you could circulate this resource as widely as possible, it is intended for anyone to use.

    If anyone has any suggestions for RSS feeds or topics they would like to see added please comment here or send your suggestions to me on Twitter @JadaJelly.

    Also, if anyone is interested in joining our ever-expanding LIS career development group please request an invitation to our Google group at the following link, as shown on the post:


    Thanks Michelle once again for your precious and timely collaboration ;)

  5. Excellent resource, and exciting to see the wide and varied spectrum of Irish LIS activities in one place - makes for a powerful picture. Will gladly draw my students' attention to this. Also delighted to see an Information Literacy section. Thanks to Giada and the Career Development Group

  6. Nice work. I've set it as one of my homepages. The other being this blog!

  7. Hi Claire, thanks for your kind comments. Great to hear you will be sharing this tool with your students. If you or your students have any suggestions for resources to add please let us know. In particular we're looking to expand the Jobs section and make this a really useful tool for all professionals and in particular for those out of work or in temporary employment. It is a resouce we badly needed in Ireland, so here it is ;)

    Michelle: great to hear this is now your homepage! and you're right, this blog rocks :)

  8. Hi Giada,
    I have circulated the link to this blog and to the netvibes site on the mailing list of the Academic & Special Libraries Section.
    Well done!
    Ann O'Sullivan

    1. Hi Ann, thanks a lot for your support in promoting the blog!

    2. Thanks a lot Ann, the more people use this tool the better. Also if you have any suggestions for resources please shout out!

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