13 Mar 2012

Guest post: vizualize.me

Guest post by Amye Quigley

As we all know it’s difficult to find a permanent job at the moment in the library world. I don’t know about you, but I spend quite a lot of time catering my curriculum vitae to each and every job I apply for. I also spend quite a lot of time looking for suggestions on how to make it stand out from the crowd. This is how I came across a really nice infographic tool - vizualize.me - which translates your curriculum vitae details from Linkedin into a visual representation – for example:

Eugene Woo's visualised online CV
Once you have exported your details from Linkedin, you can then edit them and then choose the theme to suit you. You can choose the infographic theme from six current options and then choose a colour scheme to go with it. There are currently options to allow you to embed a link in a website, and share your infographic on social networking sites. There will be an option to export the graphic CV to PDF and print it, but this is not available at the moment.

Vizualize.me is not the only one fostering the visual curriculum vitae idea. I have just recently come across a second infographic tool, re.vu which seems to do a similar thing. A visual representation of your career and educational history has obvious appeal to those in the graphic and design field but I do think library and information professionals could benefit from using this as an add-on to their professional online presence. It’s an interesting way to be able to show where your experience comes in a chronological order but without it being a typically boring resume.

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  1. this looks like a terrific tool, can't wait to try it, thanks!