27 Jan 2012

Every library needs a dynamic Web presence

Indeed. The challenge is particularly acute for small/medium sized libraries with limited resources in terms of tech-savvy staff, equipment and/or money.

In some cases a static Web presence exists, but this does not make for an enriching user experience (librarians and patrons alike). Libraries are busy and ever-changing places. This fact requires an adequate response in terms of a fit-for-purpose online rallying point that encourages library users to tune in and exploit what’s on offer.

Wordpress.org is a practical content management system that does the job. Why?
  • Wordpress realises a dynamic Web presence quickly and efficiently
  • WYSIWIG empowers non-technical administrators
  • It's free
  • It promotes collaborative administration (i.e. it is easy for library staff to add and update web content in their areas of responsibility)
  • It allows for the creation of blog posts and static pages (i.e. publish timely and permanent content)
Here are some noteworthy examples of library websites built around Wordpress:
Holliston (MA) High School – makes use of WordPress.com
Duchess BOCES School Library System – makes use of Wordpress.org
University of Mary Washington Libraries – custom theme
The Learning Commons at Lake Washington Technical College – custom theme

Below is a list of some handy Wordpress resources:
Wordpress.org (download Wordpress)
Worpress.com (Wordpress hosted version)
Worpress for Libraries Wiki! (examples, training materials, tips and tricks)
Set Up Your Blog With WordPress: The Ultimate Guide (handy number ... free of charge)
Learning Wordpress (YouTube channel with video tutorials)
Lynda (Comprehensive Wordpress training and tutorials – excellent stuff this)
LIShost (a provider suggestion for hosting Wordpress.org)
Worpress Plugin Directory (e.g. Wordpress Stats)

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  1. Or for a closer to home example of wordpress in action - the recently redeveloped HSLG website: www.hslg.ie