16 Nov 2023

Libfocus Link-out for November 2023

Welcome to the November edition of the Libfocus link-out, an assemblage of library-related things we have found informative, educational, thought-provoking and insightful on the Web over the past while.

Shows 6 images: A line of people standing in a room; a warmly dressed woman and child reading at a table; a black bird sitting on a white triangle; the inside of a library building; the text cc in a circle surrounded by black cartoon figures and a woman sitting at a desk looking at the camera
Images featured in this month's libfocus link-out articles

The real impact of #BookTok on library circulation
Aline Zara crunches the numbers on how BookTok affects the circulation of backlist titles (titles that have been on the market for 1 year+) in Canadian public libraries.

Let ‘No’ be ‘No’: When Librarians say ‘No’ to Instruction Opportunities
Anna White looks at when, why, and how librarians say no to additional instruction opportunities, and whether we even feel comfortable saying no in a professional capacity.

Understanding CC Licenses and Generative AI
Creative Commons address some common questions, around CC Licenses and Generative AI, while acknowledging that the answers may be complex or still unknown.

Most libraries in UK to provide ‘warm banks’ again this winter
Library service schemes offering free, heated spaces last year in response to the cost of living crisis will resume at the end of October.

Sci-Hub presents a paradox for open access publishing
Sci-Hub has provided a popular, if illicit, access route to much of the scientific record. However, as unintended consequence being included in Sci-Hub decreases the Open Access citation advantage of publications.

Quantifying Consolidation in the Scholarly Journals Market
The market of scholarly journals has significantly consolidated since 2000 — when the top 5 publishers held 39% of the market of articles to 2022 where they control 61% of it. The data shows that the biggest companies get bigger, and smaller publishers seek the shelter of a larger partner.

Ensuring a vibrant future for LIS in iSchools
A recent paper examining how we can best position our research and education programs to lead the information field and future of libraries.

Feeling lonely? Go to the library
There is a higher demand for third spaces outside of the home and office where people can gather and libraries might be the answer.

Paying more attention to the health and social benefits of libraries is overdue
In this article Canada's Globe and Mail health columnist, André Picard talks about how public libraries have become essential community hubs. How can we help them flourish when their funding doesn't reflect the vital services they provide and they're struggling to meet demands?

Meet the University Librarian: Elaine Westbrooks on what her job entails, her vision for the Library—and what she’s reading for pleasure these days
In this article, inspiring University Librarian Elaine Westbrooks talks about her role, what makes Cornell University Library special and her vision for its future in the face of considerable challenges. 

The Evolution of Library Workplaces and Workflows via Generative AI
Wherein Mohammad Hosseini and Kristi Holmes reflect on how libraries and their existing workflows are evolving alongside the rise of generative AI.

Identifying key factors and actions: Initial steps in the Open Science Policy Design and Implementation Process
Wherein Hanna Shmagun and colleagues endeavour to understand and classify the factors influencing the adoption of Open Science. They propose possible actions for decision-makers to develop relevant policies.


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