29 Mar 2016

Business School Libraries - Where Next?

This was an article I wrote for "Global Focus - The EFMD Business Magazine" about major changes for business school libraries, the librarians working there and what the future might bring.

The article was divided into four different themes:

1. Collections
I have a discussion about the library as an place for printed books but also e-books and the pros and cons for the different formats which I think will complement each other for still some time. There is also some thoughts on the development of collections based on the librarians competence (subject specific), cooperation with researchers or teachers and new acquisitions models such as PDA (evidence based acqusitions).
2. Technology
Very much based on the technology shift from printed source to e-resources but also discovery tools, subject guides, OpenURLs and remote access to resources 24/7 from all over the world.
3. Services
Here I talk about the social library and the importance of getting connected through different networks. Even though users have remote acces you can't let go of personalized services such as specific services towards researchers, learning environments for students and social media.
4. The librarian
My thoughts here gives examples on how to strenghten end develop the librarian profession. Closer cooperation with researchers, more strongly integrate user education with subject courses, using paper.li to be able to move from directing towards sources and instead create Daily's with interesting content that promote knowledge sharing.

If you want to read the whole article please click here.


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