1 Nov 2015

Libfocus is 4!

A short post to mark the 4th birthday of Libfocus!

A big thank you to all of our regular bloggers, guest bloggers, and readers who make the blog what it is. I am continually struck by the quality of writing of LIS professionals in Ireland and beyond, but even more so, by the passion, dedication and commitment that radiates from every post on Libfocus.

Thanks also go to those who have supported and promoted Libfocus over the years - from the invitations to speak at events to the retweets - it is greatly appreciated!

I think we might need a cake for next year :)


  1. Happy birthday to Libfocus and the great team behind it. It is a place to inspire others & be inspired. I'd gladly bake the cake for next year! Aoife.

  2. Thanks Aoife - we'll have to hold you to that... :)