25 Sept 2015

Go, present! Or a brief note on reflective practice

The prospect of speaking at a forthcoming LAI CDG event next week, has really reminded me of the benefits of doing presentations to the presenter, rather than the audience (though hopefully they will find it of value too - please note, no money back guarantees are offered!).

There is nothing quite like having to encapsulate and articulate your thoughts:
for other people,
in a relatively short time frame,
being ultra-concise,
whilst make it interesting.

From previous experiences of presenting, I have found that it's a process that intrinsically forces you to really, really think about how you really, really think about things. It necessitates that you pare down projects and strategies to the key ideas and messages, remove the fluff, and identify what is most important about something. It impels us to reflect on how we operate and interact every day as a matter of course, and to think about how and why we do things, or how and why we don't. Too often, we don't get prompted to do this, to think about how others might see our projects, the value of them, and what our work might mean in the overall context of things.

So yes, presenting is just as much about learning for the presenter, as it is for those in attendance. If you get the opportunity, take it.


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