25 Nov 2014

Six useful librarian webinars in December

I just realised that 2014’s coming to an end already and thought it would be a reassuring gesture on my part to provide you with yet another - final - collection of cherry-picked librarian webinars. The below choicex6 considers the following topics:

Tools for Naming and Framing Public Issues
Wednesday, 3rd December, 9pm – 10pm GMT
True progress happens when communities come together to talk in a productive, civil and interesting way. Help lead these discussions by “naming and framing” controversial issues in a different light. This webinar will provide a roadmap to facilitating civil dialogue and leading change.

This session will help attendees:
• Learn the steps and processes for leading a “naming and framing” effort
• Apply tools to develop issue maps that help people weigh options for moving forward together.

Presenters will include Kranich; Chris McCauley, executive director of the David Mathews Center; Cristin Foster, program director of the David Mathews Center; Robert Turner, assistant program director of the David Mathews Center; Carolyn Caywood, retired librarian from the Virginia Beach Public Library and fellow at the Hampton Roads Center for Civic Engagement; and Patty Dineen, contributing editor of the National Issues Forums Institute.

Session 1: "Beyond Deadlock: A Better Way to Talk about Difficult Issues" took place Oct. 14. Watch the archived recording. This session explored how to help people work together to talk about public issues and make choices, and how to uncover the deeper concerns of communities.
Session 3: A third session (date TBD) will give participants a chance to share their progress, successes and challenges in a webinar or conference call.

Monday, 8th December, 4.30pm – 6pm GMT
Attend this webinar to learn how to contribute to Wikipedia, the world's largest encyclopaedia that anyone can edit.

Presenters will share their processes for adding links to collections and other content to Wikipedia. Presentations will include both lessons learned and successes.  

Tune in to learn from your colleagues, get answers to your questions, share your own ideas, and become inspired! 

Speakers include  Mary Elings, UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library; Andra Darlington, Getty; Daniel Reboussin, University of Florida; Mairelys Lemus-Rojas, University of Miami; Liz McCarthy, Oxford University, Bodleian Library; and Merrilee Proffitt, OCLC Research.
Provided by OCLC

Thursday, 11th December, 7pm – 8pm GMT
There's a huge demand for full-text, credible research that's easy to find, unbiased and not hiding behind a paywall. In-depth information on issues like product research, health issues, hobbies, career advice and personal finance is within library users' reach. But do you know how to help them find it? In the next American Libraries Live we'll discuss how discovery services can work for you and your library.
Provided by the American Library Association

Friday, 12th December, 4pm – 5pm GMT
Natalie Burclaff & Catherine Johnson from the University of Baltimore will join us for this week's Gale Geek on developing a social media strategy. Call in to learn how you can rekindle the social media flames in your library awareness and usage campaigns.
Provided by Gale Cengage

Wednesday, 17th December, 7pm – 8pm GMT
This webinar will help librarians who are thinking about hosting a Preservation Week event plan for choosing a topic and finding a speaker, and will offer guidance on resources to answer preservation questions that may come up after the event.

This webinar features a live Question and Answer session. Participants should come to the webinar having watched the previously recorded "How to Host a Preservation Week Event" presentation. The "How to Host a Preservation Week" webinar was presented through ALCTS in February of 2014.

Questions can be submitted ahead of time through this web form, or raised during the live session. Please have your questions in by December 10th, 2014. 
Provided by the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services

Friday, 19th December, 16pm – 17pm GMT
Library leadership can come from the bottom, middle, and top. 

Join JP Porcaro, ALA Presidential candidate for 2016-17 and founder of the ALA Think Tank, in this fun and engaging webinar on bringing a Make It Happen attitude to our patrons, co-workers, and personal circles.
Provided by Gale Cengage


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