20 Mar 2014

#Moocie – an Irish based Miniature, Open, Online Course in Educational Technology

Guest Post by Keith Brennan, freelance Instructional Designer. Keith is running a miniature, open online course in social media and educational technology - #moocie - as part of his MSc in Applied eLearning research at DIT.

Launching on the 24th of March, #moocie is a free, open to all course in social media for educators. It comes in two parts.

A Social Media toolkit, open for March 24th, which aims to facilitate educators, trainers and tutors of all stripes to develop their knowledge of, and competency in using blogs and twitter. It’s targeted at people new to these platforms, and focuses on the basic skills – sending tweets, embedding images, setting up and posting to a blog. It’s a series of lessons, with practice opportunities, that aims to get those new to social media up to speed with using twitter and wordpress blogs in advance of the main course.

#moocie, the second part, focuses on the theory and practice of using social media in educational contexts. It has five seminars, covering digital literacy, digital curation, 21st skills and tools, online privacy and content ownership on social media, and 20 ways to use twitter in the classroom. That runs for one week, from April 7th, with one online seminar each evening, at 8pm GMT, and tweetchats after each seminar, as well as blogging challenges.

Both courses are open for registration now, and registration is open until April 6th.

Registration for the Toolkit is here http://moocie.org/social-media-toolkit-signup/

Registration for #moocie is here http://moocie.org/moocie-main-signup/

Or, for more information, visit moocie.org , email me at keith[at]moocie.org, or find me on twitter - @wiltwhatman


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