29 Nov 2013

Three librarian webinars in December

...and one in early January. Below is this year's
final set of interesting cpd webinars. Topics covered include collection management, reader services, web design and cataloguing.

Weeding: The Good, the Bad, and the Musty
Wednesday, 11th December,  4pm – 5pm GMT (Provided by Nicolet Federated Library System)
Weeding is not a dirty word. Change your attitude about weeding and take charge of your collection. Learn the essential steps to make your collection more useful, comfortable, and attractive for your users.

Extreme Customer Service, Every Time
Thursday, 12th December, 6pm - 7pm GMT (Provided by WebJunction)
Commitment to great customer service goes beyond “service with a smile.” It is a commitment to truly engage and communicate with patrons and to find ways to extend the experience above and beyond their expectations. Building on the success of the Darien Library, whose reputation is known internationally for providing “extreme customer service”, presenter Gretchen Caserotti will provide you with practical and actionable ideas that can help your library, whether small or large, commit to excellent customer service.

Web Trends 2013-2014: Where to Invest Your Pixels
Tuesday, 17th December, 6pm - 6.45pm GMT (Provided by Systems Alliance)
In the last few years we have seen progressive - and monumental - changes in technology that have begun to transform the way websites are designed. Responsive design, sticky navigation and web typography are no longer just buzzwords but important elements considered in every design project. But separating the fads from the trends and identifying those trends worth investing in can certainly be challenging. This webinar takes a look at trends in web design that have emerged in recent years as well as those anticipated for 2014. Trends examined by Systems Alliance include:
- Responsive design
- Web typography
- Minimalist and flat design
- Parallax scrolling
- Infographics and data-driven graphics
- Sticky navigation
- One-page websites

Transitioning from MARC to BIBFRAME: The Environment and the Format
Wednesday, 8th January, 5pm - 6pm GMT (Provided by UW-Madison School of Library and Information Studies)
MARC is dead! How many times have you heard that during your career in libraries?

This time, though, it might really be for real. In 2011, the Library of Congress (LoC) announced that it was transitioning away from the MARC format for bibliographic data.

In the summer of 2012, LoC hired Zepheira to investigate the possibilities of linked data as the carrier for library descriptive information. In November of 2012, Zepheira and LoC published a report, Bibliographic Framework as a Web of Data: Linked Data Model and Supporting Services, often referred to as the BIBFRAME Primer.

You can follow BIBFRAME developments at BIBFRAME.org, but to help you get started, UW-Madison SLIS Continuing Education Services is providing two free Webinars, taught by Kevin Ford of the LoC MARC Standards Office, and BIBFRAME Initiative.

The first 100 attendees to sign up will be able to watch the webinar live; those who sign up later will receive emails with links to the recordings.


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