6 Sept 2013

Eight useful librarian webinars in September

On the back of the five webinars in July, here is another set of suggestions fluently merging with the kicking off of the new academic semester.

Source: architexts
All librarian webinars listed below are free of charge and cover the areas of digital content creation and collection development, technology challenges in the library, Google Analytics, practical Apps, practical application tips for that library job, embedded librarianship and, finally, a session on how library patrons can derive value from WorldCat.org.

Going Digital
Monday, 9th September, 4pm – 5pm (GMT)
Briefly introduces the critical components of digital content creation and collection development.

Up Next: We Talk Databases with Marshall Breeding and an Expert Panel
Thursday, 12th September, 5pm – 6pm (GMT)
- How libraries are addressing databases and electronic resources in the wake of budget cuts
- How discovery services impact databases
- The current state of database-related products and vendors
- How librarians are affected when vendors consolidate or go out of business
- The differences and similarities in the public and academic library worlds regarding databases

Google Analytics for Nonprofits
Thursday, 12th September, 8pm – 9pm (GMT-Dublin)
This overview is for anyone that wants to know the value of using Web analytics.

There's an APP for that
Friday, 14th September, 7pm – 8pm (GMT-Dublin)
This session shows some of the best apps for education across multiple types of devices. It doesn't matter if you use an iPad, Android device, or even Google Chrome, more often than not, there is in fact an "app for that".

Cover Letter and resume tips to get an interview
Wednesday, 18th September, 7:30pm –  9:00pm (GMT-Dublin)
Geared towards library students and recent graduates. Participants will learn to match their cover letter and resume to job descriptions; show their skills, not tell; and make a good impression in the application process.

Everyday Technology for Learning Differences: Use the Tools You Already Have
Thursday, 19th September,  kick-off at 11.30pm (GMT-Dublin... a late show)
Highlights include:
- Underutilised features in Microsoft Word and other popular programs
- Learning supports built into the Mac and Windows operating systems
- Apps that turn mobile devices (Apple iDevices, Android) into portable learning assistants
- Alternative uses for consumer electronics (MP3 player, camera, voice recorder, smartpen)
- Add-ons, Web resources, and cloud drives to configure an Internet browser as an online study tool

Frontiers of Embedded Librarianship
Tuesday, 24th September, 9am – 10.30am (GMT-Dublin)
This webinar explores new approaches to reference that embed the librarian in the community, answering questions at the point of need, and growing community connections.

Maximising the value of WorldCat.org
Monday, 30th September, 10am – 11am (GMT-Dublin)
This course provides a brief introduction to the Worldcat.org platform and illustrates how libraries can help patrons derive maximum advantage from the service.


  1. Thanks Alex. This is a really useful listing (and thanks for highlighting the time differences!). I have been using Webinars increasingly, both as a teaching aid and as a learning aid myself. Maura

  2. Hi Maura (apologies for the delay in approving the comment by the way!). Really interesting to hear you are using webinars for instruction - are you incorporating them in IL as part of a blended learning approach or something else? Have never really considered them in that way before.