9 May 2013

LIR #irelibchat - Mobile Technologies in Libraries - Tues 21st May 8-9pm

#irelibchat is joining forces with the lovely folk at LIR to bring you our next Twitter chat on Mobile Technologies in Libraries on Tuesday 21st May at 8-9pm.

Libraries have the reputation for thinking long and hard, and debating all of the finer points, before deciding to implement a new technology or technology-based service, sometimes missing the peak of the trend (Jacobs, 2009). Building on the success of LIR’s symposium in November and previous #irelibchat discussions, this chat will consider whether libraries are in fact, committed to embracing and implementing new mobile technologies.

  • Have you been involved in implementing a mobile catalogue or website?
  • Do you use skype or more ‘formal’ communication tools for information skills provision?
  • Have you experimented with lending mobile devices?
  • Have you developed a library app or examined the use of QR codes or augmented reality for your library service?
  • Are there other mobile technologies which you implemented in your library? Do your users like them and what did you learn from the experience?

A couple of interesting resources on the topic include a presentation by @joeyann on Experimenting with Mobile Technologies in Libraries and The Handheld Librarian: Mobile Technology and the Librarian by Thomas A. Peters and Lori Bell.

This is a joint collaboration between #irelibchat and the LIR Group. To join in, simply search for the #irelibchat tag on twitter and remember to tag your own tweets with #irelibchat so that others can find them!


  1. Jacobs (2009)?
    Great idea; Today LIR, tomorrow the world!

  2. Thanks David! Unfortunately I can't help on the Jacobs reference front (let's hope it's biscuit-related!) as the nice guys at LIR provided the text for the post, perhaps they can fill you in via Twitter @LIRheanet?

  3. No worries Mish. I used my search-fu to track it down. I believe it's this: (no biscuits though, or indeed fig rolls) Libraries and the mobile revolution: remediation=relevance