8 Nov 2011

New RFID Chipless Tracker to Revolutionise Libraries?

Researchers in Monash University in Australia have developed a chipless RFID system that they claim will revolutionise libraries. Up to now many libraries have been slow to upgrade to RFID as a replacement for the old manual check-in system because of the initial outlay. The new chipless RFID tags uses "back scatter" technology to reduce the costs by replacing the expensive microchip in standard RFID tags with a series of printed silver squares on paper and plastic. One of the researchers, Nemai Karmakar, said "The current market for a library book using optical barcodes costs 10c. If you were to buy a chipped RFID tag for a book it costs 50c. We are offering something which can be 1c for the RFID tag."


If this can be implemented for as little as is claimed, then libraries will have very little excuse not to move over to RFID and we may be seeing the end of optical barcodes.


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