24 Nov 2011

100 tools for learning

The Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies recently compiled their annual list of the top 100 tools for learning. The list is based on votes from learning professionals rather than the opinion of any one 'expert' and consequently provides an interesting snapshot of what applications people are using. Although Twitter appears at number one, the list does not solely include the latest social networking and media tools and old reliables like Powerpoint and Excel even make an appearance.

There are a number of resources included which are new to me, but some of my favourites (aside from the obvious ones like Dropbox, Slideshare etc.) are also there including:

Readitlater - For all those interesting blog posts that you don't have time to read right now
Screencast-o-matic - the best free screencast app I have used
Lino it - because everyone likes post-it notes :)


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