26 Oct 2016


To help library directors - especially new ones - succeed in their jobs, I created LibraryDirectors.org. We have a growing list of resources - books, articles, webinars, videos - that directors have told us are useful, and a listserv for library directors to share experiences and advice. We hope to list director job postings soon.

I started this group around the time I completed my first full year as a library director and announced it at ALA MidWinter in Boston. It's a resource I wish I had had on my first day.

LibraryDirectors.org is intended for library directors, no matter what kind of library they direct and no matter where they are located in the world. If you know of a resource that you have found useful, please share it with us.

We're also on Facebook and Twitter, but LibraryDirectors.org is our main platform.


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