26 May 2016

Different types of doctoral theses - a follow up

In April this year I published a blogpost comparing the different forms of publishing for doctoral theses. My assumption was answered, there is an increase in the choice to publish a comprehensive summary thesis instead of a monograph.

Me and some colleagues have discussed the matter and it is inevitable not to mention different publishing patterns among different subjects. Therefore Ulf-Göran and I went back to DiVA ("DiVA portal is a finding tool and an institutional repository for research publications") and choosed to do an exact similar analysis for, as we consider monograph dependent subject - humanities - to see if, and if so how, it differs.

First of all, it differs. The relationship between monographs and comprehensive summary is more or less the opposite compared to the earlier selection of all subjects, monograph theses is predominant for humanities! But if we look closer, the ratio between the two different publishing formats have been very stable, at least up until 2015. For 2015 there has been a dramatic change and we can see that comprehensive summary takes shares, the gap is decreasing. I consider this a quite interesting development.


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