14 Jun 2013

Time for take off! The first CoPILOT workshop at the University of Surrey

Guest Post by Nancy Graham

The first (of many, we hope) CoPILOT workshop took place on the 30th May at the University of Surrey.  I wrote a while ago about the community of practice we’ve set up in the UK to encourage and support librarians to share their information literacy teaching material. More information can be found on our wiki at iloer.pbworks.com.

This workshop was designed to introduce participants to CoPILOT, with some background information on the projects and surveys we’ve run and our aims as a group. Various members of the CoPILOT Committee ran the sessions. Vivien Sieber then introduced the group to Creative Commons licencing and we had a short activity (run by Anne Pietsch and Marion Kelt) to look at how ‘open’ our library and information literacy teaching practice is. This was a really useful way of self-auditing practice and getting people to think about how they could improve the way they work with open educational resources.

We also had Sarah Currier from Jorum, which is our equivalent of NDLR, talking via Adobe Connect about updates to the system.  She joined us again later in the hands-on workshop to talk through both finding resources on Jorum and uploading your own content.

Another CoPILOTer, Helen Howard, also joined us remotely to talk through how her institution, the University of Leeds, has introduced an Open Educational Resources policy, which was developed in the library.

We had around 35 participants on the day and we’re now collecting feedback from them. It was our inaugural event, so we’re looking to tweak the programme and make improvements for the next iteration later in the year. Verbal feedback on the day was positive and it was great to meet so many like minded people from all over the South East of England and beyond and to hear their thoughts on sharing their teaching material openly.

Please go to the CoPILOT SlideShare page to see the slides from the day.  For further information you can follow us on Twitter @CoPILOT2013, visit the wiki or join our mailing list at IL-OERS[at]jiscmail.ac.uk.


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