30 Dec 2012

Libfocus' Most Popular Posts of 2012

Given the time of year, a quick run-down of our most popular blog posts this year by page views. It's nice to see that some of our older posts are still finding an audience several months on. As always, thanks for reading :)
  1. Altmetrics and the future of bibliometrics
  2. Distributed Connectivism in virtual learning environments
  3. How do you select a journal for your LIS research
  4. Third Thursday #irelibchat
  5. Are we talking to ourselves?
  6. 2012 Top ten trends in academic libraries
  7. "Do you want research support with that?" The art of the library cross-sell
  8. [Guest post] A call for participation: the new LAI Career Development Group
  9. Personalising library services in higher education
  10. Why research impact is about promotion, not impact factors (and why this is good news for libraries)


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